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Best Practice Linux File Services Performance Backups

Created: 29 Apr 2013 • Updated: 10 Jun 2013 | 1 comment
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i need some information how to configure backup from a huge number of files on Linux Host with netbackup 7.5.
host server are Linux Redhat servers.
Number of files on servers a about 2million and more small files like pictures ( jpegs, gif, png and so on )
Can i configure flashbackup policys for linux host systems to do that ?
In the netbackup manual, there are informations for support on windows ( flashbackup windows) and unix (flashbackup) only.
No informations about linux.

At this moment, i configured with Standard Policy.
The Performance are very poor. ( 3 - 4MB/sec )
Backup Time more than 26 hours.

Is the netbackup 7.5 feature "netbackup accelerator" still supported with netbackup agents on Linux RedHat Servers ?


Netbackup Appliance 5220 ver. 2.5 (Master/MediaServer)
Redhat Mediaserver with Netbackup 7.5

thanks for you upcoming answers

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No easy solution here, I'm afraid.

FlashBackup is supported on RHEL with VxFS / VxVM as filesytem and Volume manager. (See 'Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0' topic in NetBackup 7 Snapshot Client (CL): )

Accellerator is perfectly supported for filesystem backups on Unix/Linux, but the file types on this server are not good dedupe candidates. You may want to try it and see what the results are.

If this filesystem is on a striped lun, you can also try to break the Backup Selection into multiple streams:
select 'Allow multiple data streams' in policy attributes, then divide folders into separate streams, e.g:















If Max Jobs per Client is set to 4 or more, MPX in STU and schedule is set to 4, the above backup selection will run 4 simultaneous streams from this filesystem and should backup at 4 times the speed seen before.

Hope this helps...

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