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Best Practice & Recommendation in migrating EV VaultStore before EV 10 upgrade ?

Created: 05 May 2014 • Updated: 20 May 2014 | 4 comments
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Hi people,

Before Upgradingto EV 10, My company already purchased EMC DataDomain and have provisioned 40 TB of CIFS share to use.

I have EV 9.0.4 which currently running all of the 22 TB EV VaultStore on top of Block Storage as 20 Windows NTFS drives, so I've been using almost every single alphabet letters :-)

  1. What would be the correct sizing for the CIFS share for the entire 22 TB VaultStore ?
  2. How can I migrate all of the VaultStore to the CIFS share without affecting users / eg. downtime ?
  3. The index must stay in the block sotrage or in the existing Windows NTFS drive, is that the case or can it be migrated as well to CIFS share ?

Any kind of assistance and comment would be greatly appreciated.



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Not sure if there is a best practice for this since there are quite a few storage venders/systems out there.

But basically from what I can see in your post you should review the "How to move a vault store partition...." technote.

E.g. if the partition now is in E:\Ptn1 and you want to move it to \\storage\Ptn1.

Then you would need to copy the data and then change the entry for that partition in the Directory Database.

You won't be able to do it without interuption since you need to change the entries.

But you could use e.g. Robocopy to synch the files to the new location before changing the entry.

So, Copy->Synch->Shutdown services->Final Synch->Change DB entries->Start services

In regard to CIFS share size, it would depend on what is best practice on the Data Domain side.

EV will use the size that is available.

But each partition that you have now have to be in a seperate folder, you can't merge the partitions by using this method.


Best practice for Index Locations is that you don't use CIFS shares.

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Frekac, many thanks for the reply, 

In regards to the copy process, do you mean using the Robocopy to move the VaultStore partition content starting from the closed on until the open one ?

I also thinking to manually perform the SQL database offline maintenance to accelerate the process of the Synch if that is even more useful, but I can't seems to find the KB article since it was done long time ago when the EV was upgraded from 7 to 8.

Do I have to stop the EV Admin service (the root service) to be able to copy the whole thing through using Robocopy ?

Kind regards,

John Santana
IT Professional


Please be nice to me as I'm newbie in this forum.

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So what you do is a copy operation from the current storage to the new storage.

You can do this while everything is up and running.

You should not do a move, since that will move the items before you've updated the entries in the database.

If you do a copy you will also have a fallback/rollback capability if the process doesn't work.


With robocopy you can do incremental copy operations, so after the initial copy you can just do synchs to catch the items that may have been added during the copy or additional archiving.

This you could do while everything is up and running.

When it's time to do the changes in the database then you need to shutdown the services (make sure you do a backup of the DB before chaning anything)

The "Final Synch" is there because you want to be sure that everything was copied when nothing could have been added (hence all services down including admin service).


What you could do is one partition at a time and do a gradual move from one storage to another, since you can do this one partition at a time.

The main part though is the time when you change the DB-entries, since that will be the time when you switch over that partition to the new storage.

Before that it's just a duplication of the source to the target.

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many thanks for the assistance man.

Kind regards,

John Santana
IT Professional


Please be nice to me as I'm newbie in this forum.