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Hello Folks,

Happy new to you all.

I was transferd to a new customer who has the ff summary of netbackup infrastructure and need me to consolidate on what has been done so far as backup success rate is aroud 90% so he wants the reaming 10% adressed and has guven me a week to come up with an action plan and recommnetaion base on the existing ifrastructure:

Master server :Windows

Media servers (2 in number) Linux and windows

Pysical clients 10

90% OF THE BACKUP RUNS ON vmware and they have challenge backing and restoring from image backup (biggest chalenge and some vmware image backup fails with erro 1)

Also they have challenge backing up and restoring Microfort excahnge database as error 1 occurs and these two challenge are responsivble for the 10% failure.

I have started accessing the environment and noting down my findings and recomendation I know you good people of the jhose can give me useful information and data to give this customer

-License is Traditional

-No opscentre

But my concern is I need a summary checklist of installing,configuration and administration of VMWARE and Microsoft exchnage which is the main pain point now to wind the heart of the customer and later optimise other backup type like SQL and standard backup type.

-Also the customer wants me to do a documentation pf what is basic about netbackup in saummary,so I need inputs my honourable house

Thanlks for all

Operating Systems:

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There is really no way to easily summarize The Install, configuration, and administration of NetBackup for VMWare and Exchange. I would look though the admin guides to get a general overview of whats involved. 

For VMWare please refer to the VMWare admin guide (DOC5162), which will help with configuration and administration of policy's. The Beginning of chapter 2 gives you an overview of the specific tasks for both NetBackup and VMWare. Chapter 10 gives you the best practices. 

For Exchange please refer to the Exchange admin guide (DOC5172). Chapter 2 will walk you though install, Chapter 4 though NetBackup configuration.

As you try to resolve that remaining 10%, post the errors your getting as separate issues on connect and we will help you get them addressed.

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Thanks a million SynTerry,

Attached is the details jobs status of some of the failure.

Also as a symantec employee, what are the basic tasks in nbu that a partner can put together for customers from spanning across backup and restore tasks.

-Also waht are symantec service imporovement initiative outside the service life cycle of ADTO (Accessment,Design,Transform and Operation) because I need to come up with a service improvewment plan and standard checklist for this including the basic nbu task.

Thanks for all and very grateful.

vmware_exchange_job_details_status_logs.txt 23.96 KB
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The problem with Exchange backup is quite clear:

Error bpbrm(pid=776) from client GWMCDAG1: ERR - Unable to initialize nbfsd.

Have a look at these docs for Exchange GRT config. Check each item in the list of steps:

Everything you need to know to get Exchange Granular backups to work:

HOWTO Videos:

About status 156 for VMware backups:

Similar error in this discussion:

For status 11, you will need logs to troubleshoot. Some possibilities in these TNs:

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
Handy NBU Links