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Best Practice for restoring from network drive

Created: 30 Sep 2010 | 5 comments

Hi there, I'm new to Backup Exec 10d and was hoping someone could shed some light on an issue we're having. I'm unable to test whether or not our backup restore process will work in the event our server goes down.  We are currently backing up our server (fndserver) via backup-to-disk to a network share (advserver).  We installed Backup Exec 10d on a third server (mscserver) in order to test a restore/recovery of files.  The problem is that I can't figure out how to 'mount' the backup-to-disk folder in Backup Exec on the mscserver.  In Backup Exec, I'm trying to create a a new backup-to-disk device (\\advserver\sharename\) but, I get an error 'Unable to create new backup folder.  Access denied' The default credentials setup in 'logon accoun management' should give me full access to the share - so I assume I'm going about this the wrong way.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. yes Thanks.

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I think the problem is, BE using windows credentials to access your NAS share...

Clear the cached passwords, then try to create B2D folder

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Hello there,

   Checked the account which is used by Backup Exec services. This account should have Full access to the remote folder where your backups are located and also Full Access to  the server where this folder is located.



Hope this piece of Information Helps you... and if it does then mark this response as Solution....!!!

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Thanks for the response, but I'm still not able to setup the device.  I'm logged in with my account which is a domain admin account and I entered the same account credentials into  --> network --> logon accounts and set it as the default account (is there another place I should be entering this info?).

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Find this info from one of connect discussions...

Try this...

If your NAS share is mapped with a drive letter, disconnect.

Clear Cached passwords: Start--> Run --> control userpasswords2 --> Advanced --> Managed Passwords --> Choose the username/Server and remove the password

Ensure that if you try to access the NAS share now, it should ask you for username and password.

Enter credentials of NAS box. Select Remember password.

Map the network drive with a drive letter.

Select Reconnect At log on.

Deselect logon with another account.

Then try creating the B2D folder using the mapped network drive.

Hope this helps...