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Best practice to uninstall server managed Endpoint Protection client

Created: 25 Jun 2013 | 14 comments

We are trying to uninstall Symantec Endpoint Protection wich is server managed. When we tried to just uninstall manually the network cards becomes malfunctioning. We have tried doing it with Symantecs CleanWipe - same result.

It is pretty easy to fix on a stationary computer, just uninstall the network card and restart. On laptops though, it works fine with LAN card but it is worse with the wireless card. 

When we uninstall the laptop and restarts the computer both cards looks ok in the device manager but the wireless card is NOT able to see any wireless networks. We have tried on a couple of computers but it does not work.

What is best practice to do this? Should I change some policy at the server? Maybe Intrusion Prevention policy? Please help!

EIntrusion Prevention policy 

We use Endoint Protection 12.x RU1

Operating Systems:

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Does this happen on almost all the machines ? or specific to win7?

have you tried removing just the NTP component from add/remove programs and  then remove SEP?

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Thanks for the reply. I just checked and there where no NTP components to remove only Symantec... :-/

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I really do no know if it is only win 7 machines since we only have Win 7 in our organization. But yes, almost all machines we have uninstalled Symantec from does give this error.

I have not tried removing NTP components. I will take a look at that :-)

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I just checked and there where no NTP components to remove only Symantec... :-/

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NTP is a sub component of Symantec.

Add/remove progarms

symantec endpoint protection 

select modify

select network threat protection (uncheck it so that it can be uninstalled , red X)

run the install, reboot and then remove Symantec from add/remove programs.

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I think that it worked!

I tried on one computer and it did not disable the network card after restart as before. I could not see any wireless networks though but I am not 100% sure that it worked before the installation either. I will try it on more computers later but no matter what, this is a step in the right direction so I am very happy right now.

Thanks Rafeeq - you gave me a suggestion I did not get from Symantec support. It is worth gold! :-)

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A question - is it possible to somehow make sure this change is done by the management server or is it only locally set? Could it maybe be done with GPO?  

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Yes you can do from SEPM

first remove NTP

How to add or remove features to existing Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) client installations

Reboot and then do the uninstall. You can create a new group move the clients to this group before uninstall. once NTP removed you can remove SEP.

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Thanks. How soon will I notice the change on the computers then? We want this to be done at all PCs as soon as possible, will it cause any harm if I do it at all computers at once?

The reason we uninstall symantec is because our owners has decided that we should use McAfee instead.  

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it will use your network bw if you put on all the machines at once.give it 4 hours atleast.

IMO I dont think moving to mcafee is a good idea 

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But then I can activate it evening time :-)

Move to McAfee is mandatory for our organisation unfortunally, so we do not have anything to say about this.

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Thanks for all your help. I will try it some more but I think you made my day. :-)

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I think I was too fast cheering. I have now tried disabling the NTP several times and I get the same error, no network cards working after restart...