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Best practices for Backup Exec 2012 with vSphere 5.X

Created: 18 Oct 2012 | 5 comments

I have a completely virtualized environment running vSphere 5.X. Even the vCenter server is virtualized (new for me).

What is the best practice for Backup Exec setup in an environment like this? Run on an existing VM (such as a file and print server that has direct access to a large volume of data), or run a separate backup VM with BE installed?

Any issues with snapshots in either of these configurations?

Backups will likely be written to a dedicated backup appliance like the Dell DR4000 (essentially a NAS device) that "hangs off" BE.

What do you use if you have a similar enviroment, and why?

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As long as you are able to detect the drive in Windows Explorer, there should not be any issue in configuring the Dell DR4000 as a Storage Device.

Are you planning to use a dedicated network for the backups ?

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And regarding the Best Practices, you may refer to :

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How does the DR 4000 attach to the server? if it uses USB, SAS, SCSI or Fiber Channel then Symantec do not do any testing of stability for Passthrouigh into a Virtual machine held inside VMware and you may find we cannot support any issues you have with access to the device during backups. If it uses iSCSI or LAN (CIFS) connection then it should work.

Note: This is just one of the reasons why we recommend that the Backup Exec media server is NOT run inside a VM. There are also potential performance issues relating to running DeDuplication (which has a Hi CPU/Hi RAM/Hi disk access speed requirements  and should be given all of the resoources available on specific hardware, not share them with other systems).

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The CR 4000 is a NAS device essentially (CIFS). It has its own de-duplication engine so we will not be running the BE de-dupe option.

I agree with the statement about not running on a VM. Unfortunately the clinet is infatuated with all things virtual. They did not plan for the necessary physical hardware to run a physical backup server. Not my call.