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Best Practices for ClearCase Backups?

Created: 04 Mar 2014 • Updated: 06 Mar 2014 | 1 comment
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When running ClearCase on a Hyper-V VM, what are some best-practice considerations when using Backup Exec 2012?

  • What Symantec agent licenses are required for Hyper-V backups?
  • Do agents need to be installed on the VM or just the host?
  • What pre/post command scripts should be run?
  • Are there special considerations when backing up vob repositories?
  • Is file locking necessary when using snapshot technology?
  • Does Backup Exec work well with IBM's Multisite for disaster recovery?

...and any other tips on either CleaseCase or Hyper-V backups.

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To backup Hyper-V VM's, you either back them up as if they are

1) physical machines.

In this case, you need to buy a remote agent licence for each of the machines.  You don't need to buy a Hyper-V licence.

2) VM's

You need to buy a Hyper-V licence for the host and this will entitle you to install remote agents on any number of VM's on this licenced host.  You don't need to buy any remote agent licences for this host.

If ClearCase uses SQL Server databases, then you would need an Agent for Applications and Databases for each machine with SQL databases.

You should install the remote agent in the VM's.

There is no special pre- or post-scripts to run.

I have not seen any document on how to backup ClearCase with BE.  You should post this question in the ClearCase forum.

You should turn on AOF when you are doing VM backups.

I have not seen any document regarding IBM Multi-site and BE.