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best practices for these questions.

Created: 28 Sep 2012 | 5 comments

Hello I would like to know the following questions.

A company has implemented for 2000 users a free tool from Microsoft called Synctoy this tool installed on each PC allows synchronization of files from a folders for each PC and is brought to a folder on the file server, this tool should be changed and we have the following challenges:

1) The tool we propose to synchronize bidirectionally (PC to file server and file server PC)

2) the process must be automated

3) You must ensure that the tool is reliable information on restoring

4) The tool must be ensured that the information can be consulted either the File Server or PC and similarly can be modified in either sides

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I would suggest that you look at DLO v7.  This is a separate product from BE.  The replicated data on the file server can be backed up by BE or NBU.

You might want to look at the Admin Guide.

If you want to trial DLO, go to and click on the Trialware link.

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I know most of the questions I asked. Please help