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Best Value for NET_BUFFER_SZ

Created: 08 Oct 2012 | 2 comments
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    I have tuned the NET_BUFFER_SZ on LINUX master server to 262144,

Also tune NET_BUFFER_SZ on LINUX client ( SAP DB13 via LAN)  to 262144.

   I expect the increase of backup speed , but the speed is the same before tuning.

Can we increase the value in NET_BUFFER_SZ file. What is the maximum of this parameter.

   I also tuned the NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS & SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS on the master as well.

Thank you.

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Before starting to tune buffers, determine Clients' ability to read from local disk and generate data stream.
No buffer tuning will help if local read speed from disk is slow.

Use 'tar' test on client to determine client read speed. See Performance Tuning Guide for details.

Hopefully you have enabled bptm logs and evaluated 'waited for full/empty buffers' and the end of backups before you changed buffer settings? (Details in same Tuning Guide.)

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Also I see that without NET_BUFFER_SZ. When the job run , the receiving netowrk buffer is much greaten than value when I fix in the NET_BUFFER_SZ to 262144.