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Best way to target managed software deliveries

Created: 29 Nov 2012 | 3 comments

Hey All,

We've started to use Managed Software Deliveries to push out frequently requested software to our PCs. At the moment, we have a "Software Deployment" organizational view and in that we have several Organizational Groups; one per software package to be deployed. The software delivery policy then targets the group.

We've found a snag though. We can only put a computer into one organizational group under each organizational view. So, if I have a machine in the group for Package A but then add that same machine into the group for Package B the machine is removed from the group for Package A.

I'd like to keep things so that our technicians can simply put a machine into a group, and then the policy gets applied to that machine. This way they don't need to directly modify a policy but can simply alter the machines that the policy is targetted to.

Can anyone suggest the best way to do this?



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Lots of places use AD for this. Create a Group in AD for each app. Have an AD import rule for Groups and add each Group to the rule as it's created. Apply the Managed Software Delivery (MSD) Policy to the AD Group filter in the console. Then technicians only need to add the Computer record in AD to the Group in AD.

Otherwise just have a filter for each piece of software and let the techs edit that.

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As Andy suggests I would recommend you to use filters for software deployment.

If you are using CMS 7.1 or later you have the right-click option on computers for adding them to a filter. This makes it easier for the technicians so they don’t have to hassle with editing the filters.

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I have CMS 7.1 SP1 MP1 and I don't see right click option for addint to filter.  Is that something you can turn on somewhere, or did you mean add to org group?

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