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Best way to track how much data has been backed up

Created: 08 Oct 2013 | 2 comments

Hey all,

I am currently trying two methods to discover the best way to track how much data has been backed up via the media servers for a given period of time.  Here are my two approaches:

1.) Created a report on OpsCenter that looks at the "Job Size" parameter of policies associated to designated storage units for the designated time frame.

2.) Running a custom SQL report that I found somewhere on this site that seems to track the exact "bytes written" for a more general time frame. 

These two methods vary as far as the totals I am recieving for say 1 day or window.  Is there best proven methods or advice for this?

Here is the SQL script for OpsCenter that I found (not mine, I can't take credit for it):

SELECT, SUM(dj.bytesWritten), SUM(dj.filesbackedup)
FROM domain_Job dj
INNER JOIN domain_MediaServer dmj
ON dj.mediaServerName =
WHERE DATEDIFF(day, UtcBigIntToNomTime(dj.endTime), GETDATE()) <= 1

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Nicolai's picture

What about taking the output from bpimage list - export the values into a excel sheet and compare the values from OpsCenter ?

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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epsilon22222's picture

Thanks Nicolai, I am not onsite at the moment but I will use this tomorrow and let you know.