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best/fastest way to recover from a backup in a DR site

Created: 02 Sep 2012 | 8 comments

Hello All,

I have a simple setup f a master server and a few media servers in my primary site (A). backups are run on tape and on a VTL. If I want to recover some specific backup on a DR site, what would be the quickest/simplest way to do so ?

i can replicate the netbackup catalog database and replicate the VTL storage, but what after that ?

I know i can import tapes into another netbackup master on the remote site (B), but i want another solution especially when i'm recovering a lot of data and from VTL.

Thanks all,


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What about Netbackup AIR :

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AIR replicates actual backups. I need a way to automatically (or with the least effort) replicate the catalog only, as the backup data itself is already replicated to remote site using other means.

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NetBackup Realtime seemed like a good idea, but has unfortunately been End Of Life (EOL)

You can use snapshots using Symantec Storage Foundation snapshots.

Falti Manullang


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SF snapsots work only on a local machine. I need to replicate the catalog automatically to another site.

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Veritas  replicator then:

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You could use VCS with a global cluster.

Volume Replication handles the catalogs and then you can just bring the server online

If you use Media Sharing Groups and Restore failover groups the Master alone could do the restores.

If you want it kept seperate from the live environment then have a Master Server at the remote site with NBU installed ready and duplicate / replicate your catalog backups ready for a quick catalog restore - again the media sharing and restore failover groups will help

If the Master on the DR site has a hosts file entry for itself against the name of the live Master you can even keep it up and running (when you install NBU on it make sure it sets the NBU and EMM names to that of the live system - it finds that in its hosts file, talks to itself and is quite happy - for DR purposes only though and any Media Servers in DR would also need the hosts file entry so that they talk to the DR Master and not the real one.

Hope this helps

Authorised Symantec Consultant

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Thank you, these are all good ideas.

I'll keep the thread open for any further suggestions.

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Replication will be your best bet.

VVR as well as hardware/array replication is supported.

Requirement is that 'write order fidelity' must be guaranteed by replication technology.


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