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better performance on EV backups

Created: 16 Jan 2013 • Updated: 05 Feb 2013 | 4 comments
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Currently we use TSM for our nightly EV backups, a bat file kicks it off and it runs for about 8 - 9 hours, im assuming that it takes a long time because it needs to inspect all the thousands/millions of little files for changes and then back them up if needed.

im looking for a way to get it to run quicker/more effeceitnly

any help would be great.

results below:

Total number of objects inspected:    4,477,055
Total number of objects backed up:       69,076
Total number of objects updated:              0
Total number of objects rebound:              0
Total number of objects deleted:              0
Total number of objects expired:          1,118
Total number of objects failed:               0
Total number of subfile objects:              0
Total number of bytes inspected:         321.96 GB
Total number of bytes transferred:        10.37 GB
Data transfer time:                      195.12 sec
Network data transfer rate:           55,762.30 KB/sec
Aggregate data transfer rate:            378.80 KB/sec
Objects compressed by:                        0%
Total data reduction ratio:               96.78%
Subfile objects reduced by:                   0%
Elapsed processing time:               07:58:43
"Current Date is:" 
Wed 01/16/2013 
"Current Time is:" 
08:58 AM


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Rob.Wilcox's picture

You could investigate EV collections.

You could investigate closing the current partition, and opening a new one (then backing up the old one less often)

JesusWept3's picture

Yeah i would recommend partition roll overs before i'd recommend collections
But it may also be worth talking to the vendor for TSM as there may be somethings that they can suggest.
So i know like in the Net Backup realm that doing things like Flash backups is a lot quicker than traditional file backups and avoids the complications that Collections bring to the table.

There are some other things you can do as well such as making sure thatExpiry is running properly and purging out old items, deleting orphaned archives etc to lessen the amount of items that exist

That a long with rolling over the partitions more frequently so theres less items that exist per partition, and then not having to back those up quite as frequently, as well as checking other things like on access virus scanning that maybe causing it to be slower etc

Also worth checking the physical disks themselves to make sure that they're not the bottleneck and its just purely the sheer amount of items being backed up

jpergola329's picture


"deleting orphaned archives etc to lessen the amount of items that exist"

how do i do that?

im pretty new to the vault, it fell in my lap, and trying to learn it the best i can.


Rob.Wilcox's picture

I think he might be referring to archives that are no longer active.  You know, for employees who left the company 'long ago'.