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BEX 2010 Server Paused

Created: 19 Feb 2014 • Updated: 19 Feb 2014 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


We are currently running a very old system, but are in the process of upgrading it soon.

However I do have a problem in that when I go into the BEUtility application and highlight my server, it shows server paused on the right hand side.

The impact of this is that I cannot inventory new tapes, nor can I eject them using the eject function in BEX. And when I cancel the request I have to either pause the drive or take it offline and back online to get the request to disappear out of the jobs list. Backups on the other hand are running fine.

I did a search for this problem and noticed that Symantec suggested to uninstall one of the BEX software updates as this is causing the issue.I tried that which is not solving the issue.

The next suggestion I read was to run a repair on the DB using the BEUtility. That also did not resolve the issue. A third suggestion was to uninstall and reinstall the software, which I am reluctant to do as I would like to know if there isn't perhaps a few other things I can try first? (Upgrade at this point is not an option as it is a 2003 server and we are in the process of upgrading to 2012. Once the upgrade has been completed we want to look at installing a fresh, clean installation of the latest version of BEX rather than running upgrades.)

I was thinking of moving the DB and let BEX create a new DB? Although I am not sure if this option is feasible?

I would like to hear from others what options I have which I can try BEFORE going for a complete reinstallation?

Thanks in advance for your help & suggestions.


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Just unpause the server in BEUtility

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...go to BE --> Devices --> Right-click your server name & choose Unpause.


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Have you tried to make a right click on the server name(on the Devices tab of the Backup Exec console) and then Pause and Unpause it? 
If not Backup Exec 2012, you may want to upgrade to Backup Exec 2010 R3 atleast(as based on the following article this issue is not seen in it):


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Many thanks to everyone who posted the solution to my question!

I paused and unpaused the server and all is running well again :)


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In this case, if it was done through BEutility it should go to pkh, or if done through BE to my post as these were the first 2. It accurately reflects the advice given, especially since you are busy with an upgrade to BE 2012.


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