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BEX 2012: Last 7 Days of Backup Jobs not updating for starters

Created: 29 Jul 2013 | 3 comments


Thanks everyone for reading.  I've begun noticing some oddities with Backup Exec 2012.  For one thing, the helpful green/yellow/red at a glance indicators on the All Servers listing has stopped showing a color since Saturday.  The only change I did Saturday was add a second scheduled backup on a weekly timeframe, but oddly I can't find this as well.  The second backup was generated via a bulk Edit Backups command, and it didn't create it again today when I tried the same thing...

Thoughts?  I am concerned that the database may be corrupted but I haven't been able to find the repair procedure for the Backup Exec 2012 database.  Another item of note is that the same server is also used to host Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1, anyone seen any potential conflicts between the two databases before?



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Follow this doc to repair the database... once done please kick off a backup and report the result


Just to be on the safe side do a dump database prior to running the repair

I hope this posting was helpful


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Don't know, perhaps before doing a "repair database"

Again, don't know if this applies to you.

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