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BEX2012 after Inplace from BEX2010R2 some suggestions and help required

Created: 09 Jun 2012 • Updated: 31 Aug 2012 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Good afternoon everybody :)

I'm realy happy with BEX2012. A little bit different but nice! Well, first thing, i would not take a migration from BEX2010R3 to BEX2012 with SP1. Did have a lot of strange errors and permission errors.

The Server is by one of my customers. SBS Server 2011 Standard Edition with SP1 EX2010SP1 and the included Sharepoint Foundation.

After making the inplace Update, i had the strangest errors. You could make "test accounts" and everything went thru. BUT, nothing would work when the job was starting. Also, the interessting error that BEX services went down (kb article from symantec). Well, i uninstalled everything, AND thats the way to go at this moment (it seem's that inplace isn't a good choice; in my case and other cases as i readed!).

What i did, i reinstalled BEX2012 without SP1 -> terrible. Making a group -> did not show up the freshly added servers. So, i did what other did say, don't do it, i installed SP1. And since then, everything is working well. Also the services aren't crashing! So i think, this is an inplace issue (in my case it was).

For the internal Database SharePoint Foundation -> Just remove GRT Technology to get rid of the error. After removing GRT, the job went thru correctly. :)

This is my first post and i hope, somebody can make use of this informations!

Now here my "a little bit stoned" question: <:-))

As i used year BEX versions before 2012 and i was used to make one job for SQL, Exchange and Server, now in BEX2012 i will have two jobs. One for the Server and one for SharePoint! Ok, for me okay.. But, am i right, that i have to configure the job to append or overwrite in the selection to write the data on the tape? So that "for example" the first job filled out the tape, that the second job can overwrite if needed?

To explain, i was used to know, if BEX2010R3 needed one tape more, the job stopped. Now i have two jobs. So, whats the "best practice" for the tape overwrite policy? What i didn't want is, that for example the second job overwrites the first job and then i will have nothing!

My idea was.

1. Job -> File -> overwrite

2. Job -> SharePoint append and don't overwrite

How do you do that??

Cherrs.. :)

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My idea was.

1. Job -> File -> overwrite

2. Job -> SharePoint append and don't overwrite

How do you do that??

Make sure that the OPP of the targeted media is long enough to protect the tape from being overwritten.  For example, if the OPP is set to 1 day, the tape cannot be overwritten for 1 day after your first job writes to it.  You also got to set the AP of the targeted media set long enough so that your second job can append to it.  For example, your first job takes 3 hours, then your APP must be at least 4 hours so that the second job can append to it.  For your second job you can select "Append, otherwise overwrite".  Click on the job properites and this option is found under Folders.

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Hi all

Fixed by installing it new! Inplace with SP1 and not SP1a was not working well..


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Fabiuske, great to see. Let us know if you need any more help!

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