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BEX2012 New Backup using settings from an existing backup - bug

Created: 06 Nov 2013 • Updated: 06 Nov 2013 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Just doing some testing in the lab, have created a job which backs up a windows VM then does a convert to virtual.  Job runs fine, and the virtual runs up okay.  Decided to add another server in for some testing.  Tried to use the "Create a New Backup Using the Settings from and Existing Backup"  

It creates me a new job to do the full backup, but does not show the convert to virtual stage, however when I try to OK the job it complains about the virtual configuration not being right?


It appears that this behavior occurs when the server has an older agent (BEX2010r3); 2012 won't allow a convert to virtual job to be created, but will copy the settings from an existing job which it then won't allow you to remove or edit.



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Probably because of the older agent. If you back up that server you'd end up with an exception stating the RAWS agent is older, and needs to be upgraded.

Upgrade the agent and try again...problem should be solved.

The use of previous agents is only for rolling upgrades, and shouldn't be used for any length of time.


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Agree, just testing, though I'd highlight it as a bug in case others have the same issue or they want to fix it in the next update; either to remove the stage or at least inform the user that the convert can't be done.

Is this the correct place to highlight bugs?



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This is not really a bug - it is documentred that convert to virtual needs an SSP/SDR enabled backup and I don't think a legacy agent present on the system being backed up will support this because prior to 2012 IDR was in place (instead of SDR) that whilst stil using a .DR file would have kept different metadata regarding the system being backed up and would not have kept the same catalog metadata relating to SSP/SDR/P2V/B2V either

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I agree that not being able to convert is not a bug.  

However I think that the fact that the GUI allows you copy a backup job from a SDR with convert to VHD job, to a server that is running the older version agent; then fails to allow you to remove the (hidden) convert stage is a bug.

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Ahh Ok that might be a oversight on our part in terms of the design