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Bidirectional Backups

Created: 30 Nov 2012 | 1 comment

I'm currently working in a data center where Backup exec is deployed.  we are looking into purchasing an additional array unit to perform bidirectional backups between the arrays in case one array fails.  what do i need backupexec licensing wise to make this happen?  just two depuplication licenses and a NASO license?  Or is it somehting else.  We're using BE 2010 btw.  Thanks

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Are these arrays connected to different media servers?  You can only have 1 dedup folder per media server.

Assuming that you have two media servers and the arrays are connected to each of them, you then need 2 dedup option licences and a CASO licence.

Define dedup folders on each of the array and hen use optimised duplication to duplicate the data between them.