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BIG ISSUE : Impossible to manage storage after migration to BE 2012 ???

Created: 28 Jul 2012 | 18 comments
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Whatever I want to add I get this message :

"The path entered is already a configured backup to disk/disk storage location. Please enter another path" ???

And I see the storages only in the groups, but no storage is listed in the storage tab ?

Very strange, and it's not even possible to do any backup now ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated !

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Go to the BE installation directory and use BEUtility to repair the BEDB.

If you are not on SP1a, do upgrade to it.  You can use LU.

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My BE2012 is up-to-date and I did a "Database Repair" in BEUtility, but the problem is almost exactly the same : now it proposes to create backups destination on local disks but I still cannot import my existing storages. The message is still the same : "The path entered is already a configured backup to disk/disk storage location. Please enter another path"

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And by the way, it seems that my Backup Exec 2012 server is crashing very often (especially when I try to add storage) :

Nom de l'application défaillante beserver.exe, version : 14.0.1798.106, horodatage : 0x4fd05d02
Nom du module défaillant : beserver.exe, version : 14.0.1798.106, horodatage : 0x4fd05d02
Code d'exception : 0xc0000005

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You should open up a case with symantec for further investigation , as there have been few issue reported on beserver module crashing .

Please post your update here ,once your issue is fixed.



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Yes, I submitted the case in parallel and will post the results here.

I think the problem comes from the fact that the media storage were defined on the previous server (*) and the new server doesn't know how to access them, or something like that ?

(*) During migration I had to also change the server, the BE2010 was on XP and the BE2012 is now on WinServer2008R2

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In your situation, I would just re-install a fresh copy of BE 2012 and then import the old B2D folders as legacy B2D folders. 

Due to the change from resource-centric to server-centric when you upgrade to BE 2012, I suspect most of your jobs are changed, so you might as well re-create them.

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Dear pkh, in fact it IS a fresh BE2012 install with an import of my previous BE 2010 server.

If I had to start everything from scratch I would lost all the history and it would be very difficult (impossible?) to restore older data, what do you think ?

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I don't know how you do your import, but the underlying structure of BE 2012 and BE 2010 are very different.  I doubt any import of the BEDB/catalog will work.  If you have upgraded, then you might have a chance of a proper upgrade.  However, you cannot do that because you were previously using WinXP for your media server which is not supported.

After a fresh install, you could define you old B2D folders as legacy B2D folders and then inventory and catalog them.  This way you would have your backup history and you can do your restores.

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Dear pkh,

For your information, to import I followed the instructions in TECH67296 and TECH50537. Everything seems to be good, except the storage (destinations).

But a question, if I do a fresh installation and import my B2D will I have the history for each server ? And I suppose I will have again to add all the servers and define all my selections again ?

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After you import your B2D folders, you need to inventory and catalog them in order to see the backup sets.  Once the backup sets are cataloged, the servers that have data in the backup sets will be automatically added.  See my article below

You would have to re-create all your jobs after a fresh install.

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If you continue to have this issue then please log a formal support case.

Note: in this instance we may need to know details of the history of how you got to where you are now as we may need to adjust migration documentation and/or release some form of update.

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Dear all,

The support is currently looking into this problem and I let you know when (and how) it's solved.

But some first notes for anyone having the same problem or a similar one :

1. With BE2012 there is a big difference, you can only have one media storage per drive !

2. The second big difference is that this media storage MUST be at the root of the drive !

3. Third information, you must always add your existing storage with "Storage > Configure Storage > Disk-based storage > Disk storage" and not "legacy disk storage", this is only for readonly !

I will continue to post information here until the problem is solved.

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Your first 2 points are well known.

On your third point, I don't think you can add any existing storage as Disk Storage.  When you configure disk storage, you are not given a choice to choose the path.  You can however configure them as a legacy B2D folders and these folders are read-only because BE 2012 does not want use them.

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About third point, if you remove the files like Changer.cfg and Folder.cfg you can add the existing storage drive as Disk Storage, I was able to do it. But I don't know if it's possible to backup on it, since my "crash" problem is not yet solved. I will keep you informed...

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I think it would be better to create a new Disk Storage.  Define you existing B2D folders as legacy B2D folders.  This way is cleaner.

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Hi Magix,

Check these articles and see if it proves to be of any help...

1. Cannot create a Backup-To-Disk folder to a Network Share in Backup Exec 2012 after upgrading

2. Unable to add a disk storage to Backup exec 2012.

Before allocating the complete drive as a disk storage make sure that the drive or any folder inside the drive does not have .bkf or .cfg files from previous version of BE.

If you find any .bkf files or .cfg files in the drive, move it to a temporary location and make the drive free from these files so that the BE2012 can allocate the complete volume as a disk storage. it will create a BEData folder in the root of the allocated drive.

                          Appreciate every help you get, to help yourself better
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Dear Sym-cr@zy,

You are right, to reuse a local drive disk storage, I had to move all files to the root AND move the two files Changer.cfg and Folder.cfg elsewhere. I solve a part of my problem the same way as your point 2.

And about your point 1, that's interesting because it's very close to the error I had or maybe the same and I never saw this technote during the last days. But I think I already tryed that solution (because I had that idea by myself), anyway the problem is now :

Whatever we do (we = with Symantec technical support), Backup Exec is crashing very often, up to the point where it refuses to start. We did the whole BE2010-BE2012 migration again, and same problem.

Therefore, our idea is now to install BE2010 on the new server, do a BE2010-BE2010 migration from one server to the other, and then, do a UPDATE.

I'll let you know if we succeed.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions, help and ideas !