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Bilingual Support in Servicedesk 7.5

Created: 25 Jan 2013 | 2 comments

Can anyone comfirm to me if ServiceDesk is actually compeltely translated into other languages.

We have a erquirement to offer the product in English AND french, but even when I switch my browser to French, I still see A LOT of english and can see no way to modify the strings.

Unfortunately this would be a complete show stopper for us going forward.



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reecardo's picture

Workflow's Process Manager (the portal portion of ServiceDesk) is translated for 10 languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and 2 forms of Chinese. While I hesitate to say that 7.5 is COMPLETELY translated, I'd say that it's 90%+ translated.

I can't speak to whether any new pages/webparts imported via ServiceDesk are translated or not.

Translations can come in 2 varieties in Process Manager: page translations and code-behind translations. Page translations usually occur via the <install>\<pagedirectory>\App_LocalResources\<yourpagehere>.aspx.resx file. These are easily modifiable in any text editor.

Code-behind translations, however, are trickier. All the resource strings in code-behinds are collected in the <install>\bin\App_GlobalResources.dll. You need resource-editing software to modify this DLL, if you need to do any modifications.

Hope this answers some of your questions.

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Hello reecardo. Process Manager Portal shows information in spanish and english at the same window. I can see "Technician Dashboard" besides "Base de Conocimientos" so there's something not fully translated.
Can I do this translations by using Worflow Manager? I did it over version 7.1.