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Bkexec2012 Some SQL DBs Greyed Out

Created: 17 Oct 2013 | 6 comments


I wonder if anyone can help.  I have a Bkexec2012 version with all the relevant SQL agents etc installed, however when I backup a remote sql server some of the databases are greyed out.

I can see the size of the db but the backup simply does not back them up.

The account I am using is a domain admin account and the same account works fine with other backup exec versions I have, bkexec 12.5 can anyone shed any light on this for me?

Kind regards in advance


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Hello Simon,

Make sure you have the license for SQL installed. If you have any antivius running exclude all the database files from the virus scan. Try running a repair install and verify that all the Backup Exec Live updates have been run along with the agent pushed out to the remote servers.

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Hi Imosla,

Thank you for your reply.  I could be being daft here but if I back up other sql databses from the same server, the Master DB etc, they all backup absoluely fine.

Would that point to permissions of some sort?  The account I am using is a domain admin and a member of backup operators group.

The same accounts backs up BKEXEC 12.5 SQL dbs okay.

Thank you for your reply

Best wishes


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If those databases contain Sharepoint data they might be greyed out because the need backing up using the Sharepount Agent and via the Sharepoint farm and not using the SQL Agent.

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Thank you for your reply Colin, the data is all SQL and no sharepoint data but thank you for your reply.

Best wishes


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Have you physically gone to the databases to verify they are online?

also try rebooting the server when you can.

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Would you pls post a screenshot of these DBs ?

Are these 'greyed' out DBs on a same SQL instance or across instances ? If same instance, are other 'visible' DBs part of this instance as well ?