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bkf files

Created: 17 Sep 2013 | 11 comments

Is there any way of determining the BKF file that goes with a backup set other than the time stamp

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Check the job log. It will tell you which media are used by the job

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Are you using Backup exec 2012?

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...please read the tag. It states the OP is actually using BE 2012.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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             I missed it :-(

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           Here is the article for how to enable hidden media in Backup Exec 2012. Once you do the changes you will see in cosole that which BKF files were part of Backup sets.



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This is not true. The registry modification in the document only cause the media to be displayed. There is nothing to show which backup set they belong to

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edit: mis understood question

Look at the job log of the backup from the day you are looking for what bkf files are used. 

under device and media information you will see the names of the bkf files and img folders used for that backup.

Here is an example of a backup job of mine. the "B2D004040" is the name of the bkf file along with the two image folders you see that were used "IMG001145" and "IMG001146."

Drive and media information from media mount: 9/17/2013 6:00:58 PM
Drive Name: MailNO2
Media Label: B2D004040
Media GUID: {0fbf7cb9-8320-478f-aa58-d65d0653eb6a}

All Media Used


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Why are you repeating what I have said earlier?

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giving an example to back it up. Maybe I should have quoted it. Jeez we arent making money here you act like I stole your "spotlight."

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Thanks for the assist.

Was looking to see if there was an easier way that flipping back and forth between storage/backup sets and B&R\job history\log.  Seems there isn't.  Might be a nice add in for the next release


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You can try by going by first (as mentioned before) to enable all media by following then, on "storage" tab you will have an "all media" option; once there you will have a thousand and thousand (as me) of media, tape or b2d files, pick one b2d, double click, and then "backup set". 

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