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.bkf files on HDD, can't get BE 10d to see them... help?

Created: 06 Feb 2013 | 4 comments

I have a 2TB drive that has a load of .bkf files created by BE 10d and I can't get it to recognize these files.  I see the files match the media set in BE but it's seeing it under a different name now.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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...and I take it you have inventoried and catalogged the media after adding the B2D into BE?


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Yes, I have.  When I catalog it, I get an error saying "Physical Volume Library Drive not found".  I've changed the drive letter and readded it to BE.

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I've made some progress!  Now I'm getting an error saying "There was an error processing the on tape catalogs".

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Are these BKF files versions that have had the same file names re-used later (or been copied from another server where the same file names were used). If they are then you have inconsistent records in the BEDB and need to use an empty BEDB

Please revioew this for details of possible consistency issues: