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Block Countries in Symantec Web Gateway

Created: 12 Feb 2013 | 1 comment


I have been looking at ways to block countries on our Symantec Web Gateway and need some assistance. We have setup a policy within the gateway that blocks certain sites that we dont want users to get to but is there a way to block countries? There is no reason why a user would ever need to get on a website that is located in China, Germany, ect. When I go to add a blacklist entry the only options are to block by url or file extension.

I know I'm probably over looking it, does anyone know where to go within swg to do this? We are on version

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We do not have a specific method to block by country. You might be able to use the black list and block by country domain (.cn, .de, and so forth).

Alternatively you can configure your own internal DNS to assit for blocking by being authortive for the domains you wish to not allow access to.