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Block Web Sites

Created: 18 Nov 2011 • Updated: 06 Apr 2012 | 7 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi all,


Can we block websites like facebook, orkut or any other using SEP.


Appretiate your prompt response.




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Please go thru the below URL its very helpful.


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Hi Vicky,

Thanks for you response but we are not using firewall features in our environment and looking the same with SEP AV AS policy.

How can the same possible?

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The Blocking of Websites could be either done via Network Threat Protection (Firewall) and IPS Signatures and you would require the same features installed on Symantec Endpoint Protection Client as well.

Check this Articles:

1) How to block/allow website access using the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager custom Intrusion Prevention Signature policy

2) Video: Allow and Block websites using Symantec Endpoint Protection Firewall

3) Article: How To Block Internet address via Sep Manager Firewall Rule

Hope this helps!!

Mithun Sanghavi
Senior Consultant

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Worked as per the link given

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I have this problem with both the IPS and the firewall rules not blocking when combined with a proxy server in between. How do I block traffic to DNS Domain e.g * when that in fact is filtered by and probably offered by the proxy server?

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Yes this doesn't work so good. I've tested this many times.

Set the dest=(0)

See if that works