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Blocked Domains resulting in Customer Complaints

Created: 24 Sep 2013 | 1 comment

We are a marketing firm providing deployment services as an ESP for our clients, national business trade shows, exposition companies and publishers.  We utilize dedicated transmission domains with associated IP's bound to them for deployment of customer emails.  These emails are specific to shows and publications that recipients are either about to attend/receive or have attended/received in the past.  It is essential to our client's continued business success that they are able to communicate with their customer base with important show information via email.

Recently, our creative test sent through ReturnPath have resulted in non-delivery and missing emails.  This is becoming an increased issue with their customers utilizing Symantec’s email service.  They are complaining to our clients and are losing business as a result of these emails not being allowed delivery.

We work diligently with our clients currently utilizing dedicated IP's to ensure best practices with respect to their list hygiene and maintenance.  The IP's are used exclusively for our clients to communicate with their customer base of trade show attendees and publication subscribers.  We remove hard bounces and opt-outs in real-time.  Every message sent clearly identifies the source relationship and is CAN-SPAM compliant with respect to physical postal address and functioning opt-out link.

We utilize ReturnPath to monitor our reputation scoring and our complaint rates and unknown user levels are very low. 

We completely honor and respect Symantec’s efforts to stem the tide of spam.  We respectfully ask for a review of the details surrounding this request.  Please help us understand if an unknown problem exists so that we may better comply with your acceptable use settings to remove the domain listing from your service.

Thank you.

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Did you ever get an answer on this?   Symantec is blocking emails from our IP that are not spam, they aren't even marketing messages.   We aren't on any blacklists, and I can't find any contact information to talke to them.