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Created: 15 Nov 2013 • Updated: 15 Nov 2013 | 10 comments


please don't blame whole blocks of IP addresses that don't belong together.

Since 5 days I try to get a subnet (/29) removed from your blocklist at "". But every day some IPs (partly unused, only one is sending about 100 E-Mails per day, but from none where sent any spam) have a "negative reputation" again.

It looks like you are blaming a /25 block that is subnettet and registered to different organizations in different countries. One other subnet is listed on a few RBLs but not mine.

Because of that one e-mail to hotmail was blocked and I am afraid that more e-mails could be blocked in the future (there are about 20 per month to hotmail..).

The whole block:

Please, give only spam sending IP a "negative reputation"!



Operating Systems:

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nettemps's picture

Did anyone contact you about this?   I keep getting 2 of my IP's blocked, yet we don't send any spam.   I keep requesting them to be unblocked, and then they block us again.  It would be nice if you could contact someone there.

escoreal's picture

Hello nettemps,

No, nobody contacted me. I keep unblocking them daily, too. And everytime I asking myself, how can unused IPs getting a bad reputation..


nettemps's picture

This is ridiculous, I'm on absolutely no other blacklists.  I'll let you know if I find a way to get a response - I'm on a mission now! 

escoreal's picture

Thanks a lot! I tried to discuss this with Microsoft first but only got some "helo my name is *insert name*, read this *was has nothing to do with your problem*-text" answers.


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I did get an answer from someone to follow the directions here for "false positive"   I have no idea if it will work, but I'm giving it a try:

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Thx, but there is no false positive spam mail. For one IP the delivery was blocked before sending because of the IP reputation. And I don't see any point in sending them any content of private mails.

And for IPs that don't send any mails or aren't used at all there aren't any mails..


escoreal's picture

This is so frustrating..

Microsoft keeps answering with total ridiculous statements and the IPs always come back to this block list.

Today they said there is an "large volume" for two IPs. But for one the count was 0 (zero) mails and for the other IP 10 mails in total, since using this IP (before of that this IP was unused).


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I have the same problem. SYMANTEC BRIGHTMAIL isn't great of late. It is blocking a whole /23 of IPs that were on the Spamhaus PBL weeks ago that we now are using on dedicated hosting servers for email. They aren't on ANY other blocklists at all. We manage the list there and removed them ourselves, and the only reason we put it there is because it was assigned to dynamic users. Well that is months ago, and Symantech doesn't update there list. It keeps getting blocked constantly. We are daily removing them.  

I have the following impressions so far:

Noone reads the reason on the email, or there is a robot skipping it. 

There service is on par with the pay to remove blacklists.

My customer service requests and problems are not being responded to.

We actually contacted Spamhaus about the issue, and they even weren't keen on the fact that it was still being blocked as a reason because of them, when it clearly had been removed weeks prior.

escoreal's picture

At the moment our IPs weren't blocked again for two weeks. But before of that I had to remove them daily and never get any response from Symantec. So I don't think that anyone reads the messages at Symantec (or some BOFHs laughing about that..). And the responses from Microsoft didn't make any sense at all. I don't know whats more frustrating..

I wish you more luck to getting removed from that stupid block list!