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Blocking .PDF documents with specific data

Created: 27 Feb 2013 • Updated: 08 Mar 2013 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I am looking for solutions to block PDF documents with engineering drawings instead of every singe PDF files that flows through the network, do I have the option of using regular expression or keyword matches- any help will be appreciated.



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you can use content matching.

if it is for drawing you can think of EDM .

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if you are having issues you could put all the pdf files into a zip and index them, be sure to set a match threshold. 

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Hi Mohammed,

U might be aware of that there is solution pack for every tipe of organization and its data. In DLP its called as custamize solution pack,eg. Financial solution pack,Insurence solution pack,manufacturing solution pack,mdia,retail etc. so there is predefine solution pack as per ur req. and u need to implement and tune up the policy.your engineering drawings will be fingerprinted so that it will detcetd and blocked as per DLP plicy. Please read below for more understanding

refer below links


Unstructured information in the form of designs and drawings (dwg, dwf, dxf, ...) represents some of the most valuable intellectual property (IP) for engineering and manufacturing companies. Given the collaborative nature of most of the design initiatives, these drawings are exchanged not only between different collaborating groups within the organization but also with external collaborators like sub-contractors, customers and vendors. With increasing collaboration in the value chain, the threat of these AutoCAD files reaching unintended recipients has constantly increased.

Traditional methods of securing these drawings have relied on erecting boundaries or "perimeters" around assets. Each information security technology comes with its own "perimeter" i.e.

  • Anti virus systems protect devices
  • Firewall / UTM systems protect networks
  • SSL systems protect connections
  • Disk encryption systems protect storage
  • Application security measures / firewalls protect applications

So who protects these drawings ? And what happes when these drawings traverse these boundaries?
Seclore, an ADN partner of AutoDesk has solved this problem by extending its state-of-the-art Information Rights Management (IRM) system to protect AutoCAD files within and outside of the organization. Seclore FileSecure for AutoCAD enables enterprises and individuals to:

1. Define AutoCAD drawing Usage Policies
A usage policy defines:
WHO can use the AutoCAD drawing i.e. people / groups within or outside of the enterprise
WHAT can each person do with the AutoCAD drawing i.e. read / edit / print / distribute / copy
WHEN can each person access the AutoCAD drawing i.e. within certain dates, within a timespan
WHERE can the AutoCAD drawing be accessed from i.e. specific computers, within the office.

2. Attach Policies To Individual AutoCAD drawing
There are various events which can "attach" policies to AutoCAD drawing and thereby protect it.
A drawing can be protected:
'As soon as' it is created based on a user driven prompts or predefined settings
'As soon as' it is placed in a certain location e.g. folders / file shares
'As soon as' it is attached to an email
'As soon as' it is uploaded to a document / content management system
'As soon as' it is created ( e.g. reports ) within a transactional system
'As soon as' it is "discovered" or "tagged" by a content discovery or a DLP system,
Just before information leaves your network ( via email / web )

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Thanks, I created a policy based on keywords which I gathered from Engineering share and was able to detect just those pdf files whic is tied to my ITAR EAR policies within DLP.