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Hi All,
Just a query in BMR. 
if boot server holds system information and SRTs holds Opearing system software and netbackup Client Software as per the BMR guide 
then  Who holds the O/S portion ?
Boot servers provide the environment that is required to
rebuild a protected client, including resources such as shared
resource trees (SRTs). Shared resource trees contain the
software that is used to rebuild the protected system so that
NetBackup can restore the original files. The software
includes the operating system software and the NetBackup
client software.
Operating Systems:

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Seems you have answered your own question!

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
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The BMR Master Server holds the databases with the BMR information in - the configurations and lists of SRTs etc.

It is the Boot Server that holds the SRTs and so the O/S (if used as the fast boot CD negates the need for that for many systems), patches, driver packages etc.

So most of the actualy file repositry if the boot servers - this is why you need a boot server for each O/S as only a Solaris boot server can hold the Solaris O/S components

Hope this helps

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