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BMR best practice for Windows clients w/multiple NICs

Created: 26 Nov 2013 • Updated: 11 Dec 2013 | 5 comments
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Hi folks.  Last week I had to assist with restoring a Windows 2008 host for one of our clients.  I had been backing it up using NBU with BMR enabled using a client hostname they provided, assuming that was the only hostname for the client.  Turns out it wasn't, and the Windows 2008 host was actually configured like this:

NIC1 = IP1 = HOST1

NIC2 = IP2 = HOST2

NIC2 += IP3 = HOST3

NIC2 += IP4 = HOST4

...and so on, eight addresses in total.  All were registered in DNS, and all were addresses in the same LAN.  The client name I was given turned out be HOST4.  When it came time to restore this host using BMR using boot media, a client admin handled the client while I monitored the master server.  When we got firewalls out of the way and disabled NetBackup's client restrictions by touching /usr/openv/netbackup/db/altnames/No.Restrictions on the master server, we managed to get the client to boot and restore files but it always failed when it came time to restore System State.  The master server saw the client connect as HOST1 every time, never HOST4.  Finally we gave up on BMR, the client admin installed Win2008 + NBU client from scratch, and we did a conventional restore of files and System State.

If this had been my host, I would have done the networking differently.  Even the client would have done so, but they had inherited this host from a third party fairly recently and hadn't had time to rebuild it.  Nevertheless, they and I would like to know how to deal with this sort of thing in the future.  The BMR Admin Guide says that BMR supports multiple NICs, but it doesn't provide any guidelines about how best to backup and restore a host over different NICs.  My own guess is that we should use the hostname and IP address associated with the primary NIC whenever possible.  But is there something I could have done to salvage BMR for this client?  What networking recommendations can I pass along to ensure the best chance of BMR succeeding with multihomed clients?

Thanks in advance,


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"No Network Interfaces found". That's not the problem we had, and the client was 2008 not 2008 R2.

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I think the problem may lie in the preferred network settings -- I didn't have any.  Without them, I think NBU defaults to the first NIC it finds when making outbound connections, whether it's client to server or server to client.  If I had preferred networks configured in the client properties for this host, explicitly marking IP4 on NIC2 for NBU traffic, perhaps that would have worked.

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Hi Joe,

could it be that your Collegue had entered the "false" IP (the IP4 in your case) in the BMR Boot-context?
As far as i remember (and that's not too long ago i have done this:-)), you have to choose the NIC to use for the restore and assign an IP to it, or leave it up to DHCP to do this. Here it is extremely important to choose the IP which is resolving to the Clientname known to Netbackup.
If this is the case there will also be no trouble to acces the backup-image and you won't have to create the Touchfile you mentioned.
That's it:-)


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Hi Joe,

Have you tried marking the IP corresponding to "NIC2 += IP4 = HOST4" combination as "Client Required Interface" field in BMR Configuraiton of client which you are selecting for restore?

Steps to mark a paticular IP as Client Required Interface:

1) Create a copy of Client's Current config.

2) Select the copy config, Right click and select Change

3) Under hosts node, Click ADD which opens up a window for details

4) Give name, and select "Client Required Interface" as Role and give IP4 and its gateway in corresponding fields.

5) Save the config and exit.

6) Use this configuration for "PrepareToRestore" and continue further BMR restore process.