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BMR boot loader

Created: 17 Nov 2010 • Updated: 17 Nov 2010 | 5 comments

Hi I'm attempting to perform a BMR dissimilar disk restore on SUSE Linux 10, using Netbackup 7.0.1 on master and client.

I was able to successfully perform a backup however, when I restored the system, I would get a warning message that indicates there is no boot loader on my disk drive. Hence, when I reboot the system, it hangs before it gets to the GRUB menu.

Thinking it was a faulty backup, I've tried re-backing up my original disks and restoring them to the targeted disks (which is of the same size) but it still fails to restore the boot loader.

Any insights into where the problem lies?


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BMR restore process might have failed to install grub boot loader. No issues with your backup.

Please can you attach bmrrst log that got created on your master server @ netbackup/logs/bmrrst/<cl_name>/*.log

I can confirm the problem looking at this log file. You may require to open an SR ticket with to get an EEB on this issue.



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Hi Mandar,

I've attached the log file. As you said, the backup completed but the system failed to install the boot loader. Why would that happen?


log.110810.txt 16.71 KB
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I noticed an error when I was looking through the bmr logs. Specifically in 'bmrprep', I received the following logs when I attempted a restore:

Header 65543,51216,126,1290193547,28800,barlnx2
0,51216,128,126,1,1290193547731,26605,1,0:,29:Replaced object in m_vConfig.,31:CBmr::readXml(xml, len, filter),1
0,51216,128,126,2,1290193550346,26605,1,0:,29:Did I find the BootLoader, 0.,39:CLinuxDiskAgent.cpp:installBootLoader(),1
0,51216,128,126,3,1290193550346,26605,1,0:,24:Bad Boot Loader Type = 0,49:CLinuxDiskAgent.cpp:modifyBootConfigurationFile(),1
0,51216,128,126,4,1290193550346,26605,1,0:,30:Can't modify boot config file.,39:CLinuxDiskAgent.cpp:installBootLoader(),1
0,51216,128,126,5,1290193550346,26605,1,0:,72:Unable to determine original boot disk path name. Defaulting to /dev/sda,39:CLinuxDiskAgent.cpp:installBootLoader(),1

My boot path is on /dev/sdb which is reasonable now why the boot loader is not being installed since the system defaulted to  /dev/sda. Whycan't the system determine the original boot disk path name?

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Hi Gumbo,

I looked at the log file you attached. But it is not failing in GRUB configuration and instead BMR restore process is going in discovery mode as it failed to match disks available to the disks in client configuration.

Even it failed to detect size of the sda disk.

ERROR: Disk 'sda' too small: 10498446KB needed, 0KB available.

I think you had provided this log in some other thread on this discovery issue. Please can you confirm if this is the correct restore log attached.

On bmrprep log snippet, looks like it could not place the boot loader disk as /dev/sdb as you mentioned. The log snippet is with debug log level 1. You need to modfify nblog.conf to set it to level 6 and run bmrprep again for more details.

Also this much info wont be sufficient.

Here are all the details required:

1. bmreprep debug log with level 6

2. client bundle.dat file. You can get this from the client backup at /usr/openv/netbackup/baremetal/client/data/bundle.dat

3. restore log created in a single bmr restore try

4. master client, os version and NBU version details.

Looging at the problem, I guess we need to provide you an EEB on this issue. I recommend you to open an SR ticket to get better served.



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My apologies. As you suspected that was the wrong log file. I attached the actual one. I also increase the debug level to 5 for bmrprep. I've also attached the bmrprep file. From the bmpprep file, it appears nbu recognize /sda2 is my boot drive since it starred [2] *.

"g_sda_boot=([1]="-" [2]="*" [3]="-" [4]="-" [5]="-" [6]="-" [7]="-" [8]="-" "

 Regarding the Disk 'sda' problem too small. I've already opened a support ticket on it but havent received any updates on the problem thus far.

log.11810.txt 34.18 MB
51216-126-1083803498-101124-0000000000.txt 0 bytes