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BMR Lock Data VG

Created: 02 Jan 2014 • Updated: 06 Jan 2014 | 5 comments
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We are having this problem latley that we have a lot of AIX clients that cannot pass the BMR backup.

When we look into it we see that It is stuck becuase of a lcoked VG.

we know that part of the  BMR process is to look for the AIX configuration.

what we do is : ./bmrsavecfg -infoonly. the command takes a lot of time, than we get an error that says the VG is locked.

what we've been told by the aix administrators is that the netbackup trying to query a configuration DB.

and it is stuck, since only one process is able to access this DB at a time we get a locked vg.

Has anyone ever expirience this before and know how to solve it or why it happens, or even if it is related to the BMR?

Thanks in advance.

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What else is locking it? If there is a lock in place then you will want to speak with your AIX admins on what is locking it. BMR does request a lock as well and thats why your geting the error. You could run the chvg -u command to remove the lock, but at the advise of your AIX folks.

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The bmrsavecfg process performs standard LVM command queries of the visible volume groups on any AIX clients. It does not request/require a vg lock for this. Any sort of locking that is in place is happening outside of the BMR process. Some of the AIX  commands invoked:

lsvg $vg_name
lsvmo -v $vg_name
lslv $lv_name
lslv -m $lv_name
lsfs -c

It also creates/captures / for the rootvg and $ for all other volume groups. It makes use of the mkvgdata command for that.

By 'configuration DB' I can only assume that this is the ODM of the running client, which holds this information.

To verify which resource of the client that was being queried and with which command, set the DebugLevel=5 for 'bmrsavecfg', ID=121.and 'bmrcommon', ID=128 on that client and redo a 'bmrsavecfg -infoonly'.  Then capture the debug log with 'vxlogview -i 121' to see the salient details.

And, no, this locking is not related to BMR.

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Thank you for your response!

we think its related to BMR becuase we saw it on several Servers of ours.

I think it happens mostly on AIX 6.1

Runing Netbackup cleint 7.0.1 or 7.1, Maybe its related?

Anyway, I would hope you would give me anyway to help clarify this is indeed not BMR related.


We see the bmr stuck on command lsvg $vg_name, and mkdatavg


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BMR support for AIX 6.1 began with NBU 7.0.1, so the client is supported.

BMR invokes OS native commands when running the 'bmrsavecfg' command.  It does not invoke any custom commands. The commands are exec'ed/invoked in a sub-shell of the running process. 

The debug log should display which command it was invoking, including all options, at the time of the failure.  Run the same command from a command line on the same client and see the results. I am assuming that the hanging command is not looking at 'rootvg' at the time.

You are seeing the results of the hang with a BMR program, but BMR is not causing the hang. The AIX LVM commands that BMR is invoking is causing the hang.

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Jaime, I will give results on sunday, thank you for your help.