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Boot CD with mapping

Created: 30 Jan 2013 | 6 comments

I can create a boot cd, and create a mapped drive using the Ghost boot wizard.  My problem is in order for the mapped drive to work, I need to put my credentials for the mapped drive during the creation of the boot cd.  This is a potential security issue for us, because if the boot cd is lost or stolen, then an unauthorized person could potentially boot to the cd and have access to the mapped drive.

Is there a way to create the boot cd where I can have an option to map the drive after it boots into ghost and I am asked for the proper credentials.  I tried to add a batch file to the cd that maps a network drive, however the batch file won't run.

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Why use your own credentials?  You could use a custom set of credentials with very limited rights.

Alternatively, assuming you are using WinPE rather than DOS, you could create an HTA file to provide you with a logon GUI which you could then use to provide you with the necessary security.

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Thanks for responding.It does not matter whether it is my credentials or credntials with limited access, we don't want automated access to the mapped drive.  What is an hta file.

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You can find out about HTA files here:

The listing I would start with is here:

WinPE is mostly a command line interface, but there is enough of GUI support for you to write a basic GUI in the form of an HTA file - essentially it provides a "browser" interface. In my portable solution, I included a menu structure where field technicians could prepare and format the hard disk, and then deploy the appropriate image which was automatically selected by using WMI code to detect the chassis information. The only choice the techs had to make was where a machine could support either a 32 bit or 64 bit image, they could choose either one.

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Ed, Thanks for the HTA suggestion this is new to me and I am going to look into it.

Michael, I just exit from ghost gui and use the "net use" command
net use * \\network_host\share
them am prompted for user and password I enter my user name as domain\user.

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Thanks for the link - it's similar to the solution I created, but without the need for users to select the machine type, (how often will they make the wrong selection?).

WMI can detect the chassis information, eg model type, desktop or laptop, etc, so you can just auto-select an image from a look up table.

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Try this ,

While creating boot package with Ghost Boot Wizard , in the last screen click Start Editing , to edit Start.bat

After the line cd\ghost , try the following command

start /wait net use driveletter: \\servername\sharename

Leave the rest as it is and stop editing to create package.

I tried this and it would prompt for credentials to access the share.After typing the credentials ,network share will be mapped and ghost should launch.