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Boot Floppies to CD

Created: 24 Mar 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 7 comments
I have been using ghost for the past Year and for some reason only on our Gateway E-4500 series computers i have to use two floppies to boot into the ghost consol.
I was able to burn a bootable CD for the HP DC7900 series that we have, but that CD won’t work with the gateways.
Any tips?

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jayc 2's picture

I use the boot disks from for imaging to and from my ghost server. I haven't found a machine yet it fails to work on (some machines I've had to manually add the network driver but they tend to be no name boxes).

Harry Walsh's picture

One of the best boot utilities I've ever used.  I only need one set of 20 3" mini cd's (or 3.25" floppies) for 98 PC's servers.  You can add drivers and customize it to your specific drivers only...

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You can always try using USB instead of CD - have you tried it?

Philip D's picture

Using a USB flash drive was the best thing that ever happened in my Ghosting experience.  With one flash drive, you can do a network ghost boot for practically anything (that supports booting from USB).  I had one that booted with drivers for ~10 different NICs, some of which aren't on the multicard template.  Though it's possible to do with a CD, it's exponentially harder.

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Err, is there no option to delete a post? :(  My last post got double posted due to a server error of some sort.