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Boot Ghost executable and the back-up image in the media, insert the DVD: If you have problems.

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Boot Ghost executable and in DVD media backup.gho by adding the following command to recover the following problems may occur.

The following three questions in each affected the results by using the Option.

1) %CDROM%:\ghost.exe -clone,mode=load,src=@CD-R1,dst=1 –sure
-A Ghost Image Size is approximately 700 M is greater than the Error occurs during the installation of B (700MB creates batches only)
-What Ghost Image Size approximately 98% or so even hand out from this Error occurs
2) %CDROM%:\ghost.exe -clone,mode=load,src=%CDROM%:\Disk.gho,dst=1 –sure
-In most conditions, tops installed.
Start the installation from the point a particular PC Error-occur
3) ghost.exe -clone,mode=load,src=%CDROM%:\Disk.gho,dst=1 –sure
-Ghost Image Size or environment, regardless of the installation as well as (% CDROM% finding difficulty))
 user's point of view, the Option of 3) 1) normally do in hopes of being installed

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It is not clear whether you are reporting on some error scenarios or whether you are asking for help. If you have questions, it is not clear what they are, and I appreciate the problem of putting your questions in English.

Let us start with some information on your version of Ghost and also what operating system you are booting from - DOS or WinPE ?

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