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Both SQL and Sharepoint Agent with common selections.

Created: 25 Jul 2012 • Updated: 19 Feb 2014 | 4 comments
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When I select a SharePoint farm to backup using the SharePoint agent I can see where it's backing up what appears to be the databases on the SQL server along with all the other stuff.  Also, the SQL server itself has those same databases selected. 

Am I duplicating backups of those databases or is backup exec smart enough to realize that.  A related question would be if i selected "Microsoft Sharepoint Resources" on the Sharepoint Server and the SQL Server and the Server Farm would it create three separate backups.

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You don't need to backup SQL using the SQL agent as the Sharepoint agent does just that!

I've included the TN for the Sharepoint best practices (for BE 2012, but it applies to previous versions too) which should assist further:


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The same SQL server has other databases on it so we use the SQL agent to take care of those.  But based on your answer backup exec isn't smart enough to exclude duplicate selections between the SQL agent and the SharePoint agent.  So if the WSS_Content database was selected through the SQL agent selections along with the Sharepoint farm the WSS_content database would be backed up twice? 

I just don't want to have to babysit selections between the SQL agent and the Sharepoint agent.  It would be nice if I selected the SharePoint farm that the SQL agent and corresponding selections would be excluded.

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As you are aware, a Sharepoint farm comprises 1 or more SQL databases.  As such, the Sharepoint agent uses the SQL agent to backup a Sharepoint farm.  However, the Sharepoint agent backs up the Sharepoint farm as a logical database, thus when you do a restore using the Sharepoint agent, the Sharepoint farm is logically consistent.

You don't have to backup the Sharepoint farm component databases using the SQL agent.  It is pointless anyway because restoring the individual databases may result in a logically inconsistent Sharepoint farm.

Right now, the Sharepoint agent and the SQL does not "talk" to each other.  If you want the SQL agent to automatically exclude databases which are already backed up by the Sharepoint agent, do post this in the Ideas section.  If enough users agree with you, then it might get implemented in some future release of BE.

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I suspect that if you created 2 jobs, 1 running a backup of Sharepoint, and the other backing up SQL with exclusions in place for the Sharepoint DBs that it might work.

Best thing to do is go according to best practice from Symantec...

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