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Created: 08 Nov 2010 | 8 comments

One customer of mine purchase a box product for Symantec Multi Tier and inside, there are 4 CDs. I dont know what is that for.

There is no sticker attached for each CD and since the box is already open, we cannot return it anymore.

What are each CD's for? I was advised to contact tech support however, this customer does not purchase any maintenance.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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It will have Symantec endpoint protection CD1 and CD2

Symantec mail security for exachange and Backup exec. 

have you tried inserting the CDs to know whats inside each of them :) 

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Not yet. customer is afraid to do the trial and error. I dont think Backup Exec is already included, its for multi tier 11.0.2.

Thanks for the help. really appreciate it

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Not to be afraid off; you just need to explore the CDs :) 

do not install.

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The Cd does not have a sticker or any indication for what product it is.

Can you send me an instruction on how to know the name of the CD without installing?

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The other way is to check it online

put the serial number, log in 

check what is listed on your account..this should be what you have received.

EDIT: This is what you should have 

(*SEP 11.0,
*SAV for Macintosh 10.2,
*SAV for Linux,
*SMS 8300 virtual Edition AV+AS,
*SMS 7.5 for Domino,
*SMS 6.0 for MSE,
*SAV for Windows Mobile
*Premium Antispam)"

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The Backup Exec System recovery is not yet included on the multi tier protection.

It is better to checked the CDs and just label them afterwards. Well since the box is already open what else can you do other than using the product. Better to try the softwares on a machine that can be use a trial/demo machine.



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Symantec Multi Tier is now called Symantec Protection Suite. The Small Business Edition includes the following products.

• Symantec™ Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition
• Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery Desktop Edition
• Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft® Exchange
• Symantec Premium AntiSpam
• Symantec AntiVirus for Macintosh®

Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition includes -

• Symantec™ Endpoint Protection
• Symantec Brightmail™ Gateway*
• Symantec Backup Exec™ System Recovery Desktop Edition
• Symantec™ Mail Security for Microsoft® Exchange
• Symantec Premium AntiSpam™
• Symantec™ Mail Security for Domino
• Symantec™ Network Access Control**
• Symantec Mobile AntiVirus™ for Windows® Mobile
• Symantec AntiVirus™ for Macintosh®
• Symantec AntiVirus™ for Linux



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Thanks for all the reply however, it seems that no one was able to answer my query.

Let me contact a local technician instead.