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Created: 27 Jul 2012 • Updated: 27 Jul 2012 | 6 comments
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Why we dont write

telnet client name pbx?


We normally write

telnet client name bpcd from master server.

Why so?

Client NBU version 7,1

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PBX passes the connection to bpcd.

Use either. In Pre-NetBackup 7, the connection from server to client is via bpcd. Post 7 it's via PBX to bpcd.

NIKHIL2346565959's picture

Thanks Revaroo.

so when i write pbx, it passes to bpcd.And when i write  bpcd.Then?

mph999's picture

No ...

When you write 

telnet <clientname> 1556      A connection is made to PBX

When you write telnet <client name> 13782     A connection is made to bpcd.

Why ...

You are not using NBU, you are using telnet an operating system command.  telnet will connect only to what you tell it to.

All you are doing is connecting to a port, nothing is going to happen, PBC/ bpcd doesn't understand telnet.

Look at it this way ...

I have a package to give to Marianne, she is very happy, it is some new NBU manuals.

Marianne has gone for dinner at ravaroos house ...  ravaroo is pbx/ marianne is bpcd.

I knock on the dorr and ravaroo answers, I give him the package with Mariannes name on it, he then passes the package to Marianne - This is how NBU works.

Now. lets' consider telnet to pbx.

I knock on the door and give ravaroo the package, but it has no name on it.

ravaroo does not know what to do with it.

This is like telnet to pbx.

The most important question however, is why did ravaroo not invite me for dinner ?


Regards,  Martin
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OK.So when we try to connect through bptestbpcd,what actually is happening?

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It depends on the options you use.

If you do NOT specifiy any connect options, it will use what ever NBU is set to use by default, which if connecting to a remote host, will be connect on PBX.

Connect from womble to my client flump ...
root@womble scripts $ bptestbpcd -host flump
1 1 1 -> (pbx) ->
In this case the connect goes to pbx, which passes it to bpcd.
Connect from womble to itself ...  beacuse I have settings to change how womble connects to itself.  Not going over a netork so going stright to the process itself is quicker.
root@womble scripts $ bptestbpcd -host womble
1 0 2 ->  (bpcd) <-
Here, the connect goes straight to bpcd.
The connection options should be left alone, unless you have a very very good reason to change them.
The meaning of the connection options is clearly explained in the bptestbpcd man page  / command ref guide.


Regards,  Martin
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WHY are you using telnet??

We have advised you over here to use bptestbpcd instead.

If you check output of 'bptestbpcd -client <client> -verbose -debug' you can see for yourself exactly what is happening.

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