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bpclimagelist -T switch

Created: 27 Feb 2013 • Updated: 28 Feb 2013 | 4 comments
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Can someone explain me where -T (uppercase T) switch stands for in the bpclimagelist command?

In the documentation they are only speaking off a -t (lowercase t) switch which gives me an entirly other result.

I was having problems during a BMR test restore. The BMR restore always ended with "failed to verify backup rc 227".I did found the reason for this error but I was looking up more information about the bpclimagelist command.

So can anyone tell me more about the undocumented -T switch?


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Mark_Solutions's picture

I can't help i am afraid but while taking a peep into the executable itself it implies there are even more:

-TKL    -TK -TP -T  -K  -P  -L  -l  -U

Would love to know what they all do too!

If you are any good at reading the contents of an executable you may be able to glean more than me

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I gotta stop chasing these wild geese, but I'm as curious as the rest of you, so here's what we have for mysterious bpclimagelist command line switches:

All the -T switches have to do with True Image Restore, which BMR definitely uses.  I believe they are all equivalent of non-TIR usage of the command - like, -TP is the TIR equivalent of -P, -TK is the equivalent of -K, and so on.

-K is used with a keyword - but not the kind of keyword you'd use if you were using the -keyword switch.  Is that confusing enough?  I believe -K would be a single keyword whilst -keyword can be a "phrase."  (Oh, and I think -TKL is the TIR equivalent of -keyword.  I feel like a lot of people have collaborated on this!)

-L | -l | -U are our standard short/long/user formats and would behave similarly to how they are used in other commands.  I think.  Maybe they do nothing!  It looks like only -U (user) is mentioned in the manual.

You got me on -P.  I have no idea.  I suspect it is yet another way to filter results based on what whatever program which is calling bpclimagelist actually needs in the way of results.

None of these are probably ever needed by a live human administrator, and that's why you should never expect to see them in the documentation.  :) | APPLBN | 761LBN

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And how can we forget the elusive -Q switch, which always seem to hide here and there, even in bpclimagelist.

I'll show myself out...

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None of these are probably ever needed by a live human administrator, and that's why you should never expect to see them in the documentation

Still...the -T switch is mentioned a lot in the discussions when troubleshooting BMR. If they do no harm why not mention them in the documentation.

either way...thanks for the input. I got the information I needed.
I definitely need to educate me better in the commands of netbackup.

thanks all