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Created: 11 Oct 2012 • Updated: 11 Oct 2012 | 5 comments
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When i run bpclntcmd -hn win server name and ip command on master server i get error?

Do i need to update host file on master?

and i get error on client too for same command when i run bpclntcmd - hn win server name?

Do i need to update host file on client?

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'bpclntcmd -hn' is the command to try name resolution(lookup ip by given host name) through relevant API/library provided by OS, and 'hpclntcmd -ip' is one to try reverse lookup(loopup hostname by given ip).

So, to work these command successfuly, you need to configure your OS to lookup host name and ip. DNS ans host file is post polular method. If your hosts are not configured to use DNS, you have to write appropriate entries into hosts file.

Before you try bpclntcmd, check name resolution by some OS commands like ping.

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For DNS,Server entry must ne on the DNS server?

if I get error on master server ,then entry in host file on master og client name?

and if error is on client ,then entry in host file on client of client name?

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How to verify name resolution for Veritas NetBackup (tm) systems, using the "bpclntcmd" command

DOCUMENTATION: Explanation of bpclntcmd options, the system calls being used, and recommended troubleshooting when the commands return errors.

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I have read this.

I need entry  in host file?

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NetBackup will use whatever lookup method the OS is using.
If your OS (on server or client) is configured to use DNS, then you need to update DNS.
If your OS (on server or client) is using hosts file, that is what you need to update.

You have not presented us with any REAL error message. Why not post the ouput of your commands?
Do you have a REAL issue or is this a WHAT IF question?

I think I can easily create error messages by trying to connect to a name that I know my laptop does not know about, for example hostname XYZ.

bpclntcmd -hn XYZ
client hostname could not be found
alter client: XYZ : not found. (48)
Where do you think my laptop is looking?
If I know there is a machine on the network that is really called XYZ, should I update hosts file on my laptop or on the server?
ping XYZ
Ping request could not find host XYZ. Please check the name and try again.

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