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bpcompatd not starting after upgrade to 7507

Created: 19 Mar 2014 • Updated: 16 May 2014 | 3 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Good morning,

we have updated a SAN media server to version 7507. And after the upgrade we have realized that the daemon bpcompatd is not starting. We have restarted nbu services with no luck. In bpcompatd log we can see the following info:

08:58:05.574 [3263] <2> bpcompatd main: bpcompatd.c.290: VERBOSE = 0
08:58:05.575 [3263] <2> bpcompatd_read_security_file: bpcompatdreq.cpp.1927: open() failed: 2
08:58:05.575 [3263] <2> bpcompatd_connect: bpcompatdreq.cpp.98: bpcompatd_read_security_file() failed: 12
08:58:05.575 [3263] <2> try_terminate: bpcompatd.c.3082: bpcompatd_connect() failed: 12
08:58:19.506 [3429] <2> bpcompatd main: bpcompatd.c.290: VERBOSE = 0
08:58:19.510 [3429] <2> bpcompatd main: bpcompatd.c.441: not running on the Master Server, terminating


We have checked on the master server and it is running. When I try to execute bpcompatd commands from the master:

master # bpcompatd -bpcd_connect hostname
the requested operation was successfully completed
master # bpcompatd -bpdbm_connect hostname
the requested operation was successfully completed

When I try to execute any command from the SAN media server I got:

SAN media server # ./bpcompatd -alive
file open failed

I have try to find any word on the documentation to check if this daemon is not necessary in 7507, but I haven't found anything.

Does anyone know if this daemon has been removed in 7507?

If it hasn't been removed, any clue in what can be happening to avoid the daemon coming up?

Kind regards,


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CRZ's picture

What version did you upgrade FROM?

Are you able to downgrade (uninstall and confirm that the daemon DOES start at that version?

Finally, does the fact that it's NOT running seem to be stopping you from doing anything with that media server you'd normally expect to be able to do?  (This is me being stupid and not actually knowing if the thing is needed on a SAN media server or not.)

This will probably end with me telling you to open a support case...UNLESS it doesn't look like the fact that it's not running is impairing NetBackup activity on that server in any way.  (To be honest, I'm not sure about what a SAN media server might need or not need in the bpcompatd department.)

It definitely exists in 7.6 - here's its man page from the 7.6 Commands Guide:

bpcompatd | APPLBN | 761LBN

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We did opened a case with Symantec, and we,ve been told that in version the daemon bpcompatd does not run.

Thanks Chris and sorry for the delay. 



Un saludo / Kind regards,


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I definitely did not know that.  :)  Thanks for replying here so we all know now! | APPLBN | 761LBN