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bpexpdate cannot extend retention images that are past their expire date

Created: 20 Feb 2013 • Updated: 22 Feb 2013 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hello Forum Folks,  I'm looking for ideas on how to apply an extended retention date to existing images that are beyond their expiration date

Due to a legal hold we had to immediately apply the NOexpire touch file on our NBU 7.1.x Linux Master.  At that time all images were to be held indefinitely. Now some groups of policies can be allowed to expire and go through normal image cleanup. Just in time too, since the space on our disk storage units were nearing critical limits.

At this point, the NOexpire is still in place as we use bpexpdate to extend the retention dates of the legal hold backup images set to expire in the near future.

Once the group of legal hold images have thier retention extended to 7 years, we plan to remove the NOexpire and allow regular image cleanups to run.

The holdup is that some legal hold images cannot have their retention level extended because the expiration date for those backup image are in the past.

When the bpexpdate command is applied on the images with 'expiration date passed', the status 228 error is returned "unable to process request".  A similar error is seen in the bpdbm logs:

    <4>   connect_bpdbm_to_emm: succesfully initialized EMM interface
    <16> expdate_by_backupid: expiration date in past, expiration date: 1360811081
    <4>   expdate_by_backupid: problem modifying backupid [our backup image name]_1358132681: unable to process request (228)

This following TechNote from 2011 seems to indicate the retention for the images with 'expiration date passed' cannot be modified. We use disk storage so the media cannot be frozen as suggested.

TechNote: How to extend the expiration date on expired images after the NOexpire touchfile was created, and images are now beyond their expiration date

Any ideas on how we can apply an extended retention date to existing images that are beyond their expiration date ?   Thanks..

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the options that I am seeing is,

Import  the images that you want to extend  , and then recaulcate the expire date.


make the duplications of the images that you want to extend with the new retenction level.

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The NOexpire touchfile is unsupported and should not ever be used to hold images in this manner, or as part of any routine running of the environment.
The correct method is to either use the hold feature in ops center, or extend the expire date.


Regards,  Martin
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