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bpplclients and VMware clients

Created: 26 Jul 2013 • Updated: 26 Jul 2013 | 2 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

We currently use the bpplclients command in quite a bit of auditing, alerting and automation scripts we've built over the years.  It has served us well!

Now it appears that when using the "Select automatically through query" option in NetBackup VMware policies, "unexpected" results from the bpplclients command as follows:  (client names changed to protect the innocent)

Client/HW/OS/Pri/DMI:  client1 vmx-08 win2000AdvServGuest 0 0 0 0 ?

Client/HW/OS/Pri/DMI:  MEDIA_SERVER vmx-08 winNetEnterpriseGuest 0 0 0 0 ?    This is REALLY client2

Client/HW/OS/Pri/DMI:  client3 vmx-08 winNetStandardGuest 0 0 0 0 ?

Client/HW/OS/Pri/DMI:  client4  RS6000 AIX53 0 0 0 0 ?

Client/HW/OS/Pri/DMI:  MEDIA_SERVER VMware VMware 0 1 0 0 ?                           This is REALLY client5

Client/HW/OS/Pri/DMI:  client6 VMware Virtual_Machine 0 0 0 0 ?

Client/HW/OS/Pri/DMI:  MEDIA_SERVER vmx-08 winNetEnterpriseGuest 0 0 0 0 ?     This is REALLY client7

I've already engaged our Symantec BCAM/BCE and have them researching but wanted to reach out to you all and see if you all had ideas on how to get a list of clients (like bpplclients does when not using the query to build your client list).

Thanks all, and happy Friday!


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RamNagalla's picture

yes. bpplclients does not help when you are using the quiry builder in VMware policy.

you would need to export the activity moniter atleast for the VMware policies.. or use Ops center "virtual clients summary  report " to get the details of VMs that are being backing up.

you can also use some scripting on bpimagelist to get the list of clients.

NOTE from Vmware admin guide page 172

Note: The virtual machines that have been selected for backup are not displayed
on the policy Clients tab. To see which virtual machines NetBackup has selected
and backed up, refer to the following topics.
See “Using the Activity Monitor to monitor virtual machine backups” on page 117.
See “Using OpsCenter to report on virtual machine backups” on page 122.
sfroeschke's picture

Nagalla, that's the conclusion I'd pretty much relegated myself to.  Looks like we're going to be re-writing a bunch of scripts!  :-)

I appreciate the reply and confirmation!