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bp_start script

Created: 14 Nov 2012 • Updated: 16 Nov 2012 | 5 comments
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%4 = SCHEDULE_TYPE, one of the following: FULL, INCR, CINC, UBAK, UARC
%5 = STATUS, always 0

Please provide me the following :

  1. Where to add this script bat file?On client or on Nbu master server?
  2. What to add in  Master server GUI in policy-backup selection?
  3. there should be bp_end script also?
  4. Difference between creating a policy and a script?

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1. the client

2. nothing additional; normal file directives

3. optional

4. completely different concepts

Backup policies reside on the Master server and provide instructions that NetBackup follows to back up clients.  Use the Policy Wizard to create them.

Script resides on the client and performs pre-backup tasks (shutting down database, for example).  Copy the example script to the client bin directory and edit them to suit your environment.

If needed, bpend_notify can perform post-backup tasks (starting up database, for example). 

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PLEASE read up about policies and notify scripts in NBU manuals.

Notify scripts are covered in Admin Guide II and Policies in Admin Guide I.

Links to all manuals in Handy NBU Links in my signature.

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@Wr:     1.  So scripts basically does its work before and after backups?

2 .Policy will just run the backup as defined in it,Is it correct?

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Yes to both

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What you mentioned is correct Andy script comes in picture pre and post the backups.