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bpstart_notify/bpend_notify is not starting with oracle policy.

Created: 13 Jan 2011 | 7 comments


We have Netbackup 7, we are taking rman backup using oracle policy which is working fine. 

We want  to take one file system backup using same oracle policy so we created bpstart_notify & bpend_notify scripts . But these scripts not getting initialize with oracle policy type.


Please note with "standard" policy type bpstart_notify & bpend_notify scripts is working fine.  

Please advice.

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Riaan.Badenhorst's picture



bpbkar and bpbkar32 (windows) execute the start and end scripts. These processes are not involved in oracle backups so you'll not be able to use them. You could possibly try and run some type of pre-backup operation by placing it in the rman script though. I've not tried that so can't say if it would work.


*****Just checked, seems you can do it by specifying HOST in your rman script. Check the link *******

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I don't understand this requirement - please explain?

"We want  to take one file system backup using same oracle policy"

File system backup is a different polcy type - Standard (which indeed calls the notify scripts)

Database agent uses the Oracle policy type.

I don't understand how want to combine the two?

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Please ellaborate on what you're trying to achieve.


Standard policies are for backing up File System (and oracle if shutdown, or from a snapshot). You use bpstart and bpend with Standard to perform pre and post tasks.


Oracle will backup the DB online. If for some reason you want to execute some pre and post commands before starting the online backup, refer to my first post.

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Thanks for inputs.

As we mentioned earlier we are taking online database backup using rman on tape which is working fine. We have new requirement to take export backup of the oracle database schema. 

We want to take (oracle database schema backup) export backup file on tape & we don't want to use another tape & we want run export backup before or after the rman backup.

If it is not possible to combine the oracle rman backup & filesystem (standard) backup, So please advice how best we can do this?


Riaan.Badenhorst's picture

You need two policies.


First run your standard policy which will use bpstart to perform the Schema export, and back it up.


Then run your Oracle online backup.


If that is the logical order to protect the Schema and the DB (I'm not an Oracle guru). Otherwise, do it the other way round.

Mekkalki's picture


But on same tape we can take both rman  & filesystem backups?

And how we can automate means after finishing standard policy to make oracle policy to run or other way round.

We know schedule is there which will start automatically both backups. but two different schedule running means window overlap may occur in case of delay in one of the backup.

So we want run the backups in way that after finishing standard policy, oracle policy should start or other way round.


Marianne's picture

You could script everything on the client side and get cron to automate it.

You will still need two policies - Standard and Oracle.

The script can do the export, then start a manual User type backup with 'bpbackup'. The Standard Policy will need a USER type schedule with a window during which User backups are allowed. The Backup Selection in the policy will be ignored and needs to be supplied with the bpbackup command, e.g. /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpbackup -p <policy> -s <user-sched> -L <log-file>  <file|folder-name>

If you add '-w', NBU will wait for a completion status from the server. If no -w, the backup will run in the background and carry on with next entry in script.

The next entry in the script can then call the RMAN script (or else copy the entire rman script here).

As long as the Storage Unit, retention and pool is the same for both policies and schedules, the backups should go to the same tape (provided that it can all fit on the same tape).


So : -w should cause backups to run in sequence, without -w the backups should run simultaneously, provided 'max jobs per client' allows this, as well as MPX levels in STU and schedules.


All of the above is my own theory and needs to be tested for desired effect...

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
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