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Hi All,

Hope you all are Happy in the Netbackup world !

well this i just wanna know when we do bptestbpcd -client <client_name>  , we get the output like below

1 1 1
1xx.1xx .xx.75:49501 -> 1xx.1xx .xx.82:13724
11xx.1xx .xx.75:49503 -> 1xx.1xx .xx.82:13724
1xx.1xx .xx.75:49542 -> 1xx.1xx .xx.82:13724

What does the Option 111 mean and what excatly is this IP and Ports at the end is pointing to.

also i check the bpclient and found we can change the value 111 to 121 or 223.


Rajesh Kumar

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Asked and answered here:


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