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bptestbpcd - output clarification

Created: 02 Jul 2012 • Updated: 04 Jul 2012 | 8 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi All,when i run the above command,i get below output.

 sudo ./bptestbpcd -client nik2

1 1 1 -> -> ->

What is 37098,40623,53212 ?>Master server IP>CLIENT IP

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mph999's picture

These are the ports that are used to connect out of machine

You are connecting into machine on port 13724 which is vnetd.

It is normal for this to happen, and the ports will be different.

See, on my machine ...

root@womble  $ bptestbpcd -client flump
1 1 1 -> -> ->

  I'm connecting back to the my client  server, on port 1556 (pbx) but vnetd is fine.

You see the port numbers it connects out on are different, perfectly normal.


Regards,  Martin
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NIKHIL2346565959's picture

These are the ports that are used to connect out of machine

These are decided by NBU only?We cant do anything?

mph999's picture

YEs, you can set the port ranges it uses ......

Page 37/ 38 looks like a good place to start.

Regards,  Martin
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Andy Welburn's picture

(essentially man pages):

The bptestbpcd command tries to establish a connection from a NetBackup server
to the bpcd daemon on another NetBackup system. If successful, it reports
information about the sockets that are established.

The first line of output consists of three digits that represent the effective connect
■ The first digit is 0 if reserved ports are used and 1 if non-reserved ports are
■ The second digit is 0 if you use legacy (random port) callback and 1 if you use
vnetd callback.
■ The third digit is 1 if the connection is initiated on the vnetd port number.

The third digit is 2 if the connection is initiated on the legacy bpcd port number.
The second and third lines display the following items: the NetBackup server IP
address and port number, the connection direction, and the bpcd IP address and
port number for the first two established sockets. If the connection is to a
NetBackup client, a third socket is established. The following items appear in an
additional line: the NetBackup server IP address and port number, the direction
of the connection, and the bpcd IP address and port number.

Andy Welburn's picture

But I've moved it to Martins post as he provided the answer to your original question:

What is 37098,40623,53212 ?


mph999's picture

As AW mentions, these are the connect options - don't worry to much about them, and DO NOT change them, you will break your backups if you do.

If you have new questions, they should go on new posts - AW very kindly moved the solution back to me, as I answered the original question, but AW has answered your question also.  Please new posts, that way each person who answers a question gets chance of a solution.

Also, mutiple questions in a thread gets very confusing.

Thank you,


Regards,  Martin
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Marianne's picture

If you look in the Commands Admin Guide (!!!)

Why should he when we all (myself included) do it FOR him?

It is so easy to collect points when NIKHIL asks a question...

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