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brbackup with snapshot backup

Created: 10 Jul 2012 • Updated: 10 Jul 2012


We need to migrate from TSM a SAP backup that used "online_mirror/offline_mirror" option with splitint and a IBM Flashcopy software.

Now I use a SAP Policy with the IBM_DiskStorage_Flashcopy Snapshot method. As described in the documentation I use a script that executes brbackup with the "-d util_file_online" option.

With this option selected the tablespaces are placed in "begin backup" file per file and this takes more than an hour before the backup starts... If I use the "-d util_file" option instead there is no value to do a snapshot-based backup because the database is either offline or in backup mode for several hours as described in documetation.

The question is: can I put all tablespaces in "begin backup" in the same time to save time like a normal online backup in this scenario?

Thank you in advance