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Created: 12 Sep 2013 | 8 comments
I need to install for testing "BrightMail - mail gateway" (for POC)
I want to do PORT MIRROR (for replicate the traffic) from old mail gateway(Which is currently in production).
Has anyone done this before?
someone has an idea how to check this? Without compromising on production servers ?
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Messaging Gateway does not support port mirroring. Symantec Messaging Gateway does not monitor SMTP traffic passively, it accepts the Message from the sender/internet via SMTP which requires two way communication port mirroring would not allow two way communication from the Symantec Messaging Gateway to the sending server.

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Do you have an idea how to test this product (brightmail) for POC ?

I want to test it on a similar environment to a production.



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Roi , Here are some Ideas .Actually this is how I tested .

a) Configure any test domain on SMG

b) You should have two Servers other than SMG . One as your Mail Server ( Use Mail Enable or any other free Mail Server) and use other as SMTP generator (external or internal ) .For Sending ,Use any  portable email client

c) Make some test Policies and send email

Scenario will be like this .

SMTP Generator software ----> SMG ---> Mail Server   ( Test for incoming)

d)To test for Outgoing , you have to allow this SMG to be able to send emails to Internet .Once done , On your existing Email Gateway  ,make a rule to forward email for a certain recipient to your test SMG

For a real environment like test , You can get a new MX Record with Lowest Priority for your existing domain Or get a new domain and new MX Record  and route traffic to it .

SMG is a very good appliance and SMTP Routing is quite easy to configure . let me know if you need any help and if this post helps . please mark it as solution .

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It would be ideal for you to have a test environment for POC purposes. You could deply the SMG in the test envrionment and send examples of mail your users would normally receive through it and see how they trigger.

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I want to check the load traffic too.
So I want to replicate a real email and build the most accurate policy
And after that transfers SMG to production
any idea ?
(I have old eSafe mail gateway ,without feature to replicate or copy to another SMTP)
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You could always just put the SMG behind this eSafe device so it passes the mail to the SMG instead of your mail server, then the SMG would forward the emails to your mail server.

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It is not effective
Because All email comes from eSafe(mail relay) has been filtered by eSafe engine.
So I can't check the engine of the SMG in this configuration
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Then you could put the Messaging Gateway in front. Another option would be to add an extra MX record with the same or lower weight and let mail flow through the Messaging Gateway that way.