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Brightmail Messaging Gateway and Exchange 2010 Receive Connector

Created: 27 Sep 2013 | 3 comments


I'm currently cleaning up the setup of our Brightmail/Exchange 2010 environment that was configured improperly by a previous tech.

We have two Brightmail gateways and three Exchange 2010 CAS servers.

This question is in regards to the Exchange 2010 receive connector for all our CAS servers.

Currently the receive connector has (everything) for the remote server IP address with Anonymous, Exchange users, Exchange servers, Legacy Exchange servers

If I'm receiving mail from only the Brightmail gateways would I create a custom receive connector that uses the anonymous permission group and has the addresses of the two gateways? Am I correct with my setting change? Is there anything specific that should be set in the Authentication tab?


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You will still need to allow anonymous messages in via exchange as Symantec Messaging Gateway does not provide credentials to other servers. You could change the remote acceptance IPs to just those of your Symantec Messaging Gateway(s), however if there are any other internal hosts configured to send mail directly to the exchange server they may no longer be able to after such a change.

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Thanks for your respone. What about the Authentication tab, any particular settings that should be configured in there?

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The Authentication tab in Symantec Messaging Gateway is for internal users outside to be able to send messages to be relayed via the Messaging Gateway using authentication, typicaly on port 587, so unless you are planning to do use that nothing needs to be done there.